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What is a scented candle ?

A scented candle is made of ordinary wax mixed with fragrant oils to provide a distinct aroma when burning. Can be used in any room, scented candles create a calming ambiance anyone in the room can enjoy. Although incenses could offer the same aroma indoors, a scented candle does not bring out smoke into the room. Scented candles come in different shapes, sizes and aromas. Common fragrances include chocolate, cinnamon, apple, jasmine, vanilla, caramel, bayberry, sandalwood, lavender and coconut.

Anyone can make homemade scented candles. However, if made poorly, the burnt wax may not produce any fragrance. A scented candle can be made with various pre-blended waxes, each having their respective saturation levels for oil fragrances. When you add excessive oils, your candle would simply sweat the oils out. The standard amount used in creating scented candles include ½ to 1oz of oil for each pound of pre-blended wax used.

A higher quality type of scented candle is called the triple scent. These candles are made with up to three times more oil contents compared to the standard amount. As such, triple-scent candles produce a more stronger aroma when burned. Some companies boast that their scented candles are made up of up to 2oz for every pound of candle wax.

In aromatherapy, scents are considered to enhance a person’s well-being and provide a relaxing ambience. As such, many people light up a scented candle in the bathroom while dipped in the bathtub. However, another advantage of using scented candles is to help remove unwanted odors or keep your house smelling great.

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