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What color bedding would go with my walls?

I’m painting my room, one wall is going to be dark blue, and the other 3 are going to be a pastel blue and the carpet is dark tan. What colors (besides blue) could I use for my bedding?

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12 Responses to “What color bedding would go with my walls?”

  1. Trina B said :

    The red family would be ok: red, pink, purple, etc.
    You could use some from the green family.
    I would stay with beige since you will be having so much color on the walls.

  2. Wikipedia said :

    You want a complementary color.

    download this free program and go to town.

  3. elkejane said :

    I think it would be pretty to have tan bedding with it, and then put accent pillows that are tan navy and one other color to punch it up, like maybe a red…

  4. The ReDesign Diva said :

    The trend now is really back to nature… Blue’s are making a huge come-back so your choice is a good one. Natural, earthy hues are coming to the forefront in decorating. Yellows, blues, leaf greens and organic (think dark chocolate) combine to bring nature inside. If you add some translucent items with a glass like texture and add a subtle accent color with some metallics like rust, copper or stainless, you’ll be doing just great.

    So, if I were doing your room, I’d stick to the blues you’ve chosen, add some dark chocolate, some frosted glass items and some silver (think brushed stainless steel). The effect you’ll get is restful, natural and welcoming. The bedroom is the perfect room to bring nature inside.

  5. little Helper said :

    a dark red or even black, would go good with the walls

  6. eccentric_daughter said :

    I like black with shades of blue and the tan for sheets and accents pillows would really be great.

  7. hi_iduntcyber_doyou said :

    go with a bright sunny orange
    or white
    dont get anything dark..because with it being all blues like that…your room will look sad 🙁
    orange or yellow would pop

  8. Michelle L said :

    metallic silver

  9. JR said :

    The best color would be burgandy and a little green added to the whole color scheme.

  10. Lisa N said :

    I agree with tan, the other option would be to go with the “hotel chic” look and get white with single border stripe around it in either dark blue or dark tan.

  11. Guinevere said :

    You’ll find some good bedding choices and color combinations at this website:

  12. cardgirl2 said :

    To tie the room together, you should use the dark blue, pastel blue, tan. I would buy a comforter bedding set with a beige background but that has all those colors in the fabric. Then use solid pillows in dark blue, light blue, beige, gold, green.


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