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What are the soft squishy pillows officially called and where can I get one?

I have searched EVERYWHERE online but I can’t seem to find them I’m talking about the really popular silky ones
I’m talking about the bright colored silky ones. I’ve looked everywhere online but just can’t find them.

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14 Responses to “What are the soft squishy pillows officially called and where can I get one?”

  1. Ruby said :

    down or down alternative

  2. critterrice said :

    Do you mean Memory Foam?

  3. neolight30 said :

    i think there maid by quit comfert

  4. Ian G said :

    Do you mean memory foam pillows?

  5. ChazziiBaybee said :

    The company i have is SQUEEZETIME,
    its the silky bright coloured ones init?

  6. Mr. Tights said :

    I bet they have them at bed bath and beyond.
    Thats where I got mine.

  7. I <3 Mizer Tobes and Roxy Boo said :

    i have one called a cush pillow! i got it at sears!(in the mall) i love it! they had pink green purple and orange!

  8. questons765 said :

    one brand is NAUTICA

  9. Rachel A said :

    Moshi pillows? You can usually find them at places like Bed, Bath, and Body Works or Linens and Things or even Wal-mart.

  10. blakergirl2 said :

    SQUISH pillows. The name has two dots over the “U”. It is german. It has tiny mirco-foam pieces init. So if you have a dog, don’t let him rip it up! You can get them at “Bed Bath and Beyond.” They are so comfy. I have four. Be careful, do not sleep with them because they could suffocate you. Good luck!

  11. JessieW said :

    I am pretty sure you are talking about Moshi pillows. They are really soft and squishy with a soft bead like filling. I would look online like Amazon or Google the words- Moshi pillow. If you dont want to purchase online I think Kohl’s has them. Target also has pillows like that only they are not official “Moshi”. They are called micro bead pillows. Good Luck 🙂

  12. ruthym02 said :

    i have no idea what your talking about, but i want one! lol

    and the 3rd person to answer your question…summer was it? well i think she made a mistake, i saw her leave that same answer to a question about gay men getting married, so don’t take offense, the answer doesn’t belong here

  13. Inkskipp said :

    Sounds like eiderdown – eiderdown pillows. Silky and squishy.

  14. jo said :

    try this site for information..


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