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What are some stylish pieces of dining room furniture ?

The dining room is an often over-looked room when it comes to interior design, the dining room itself has only been a common part of house plans since the mid-19th century.

Compared to other rooms in the house such as the lounge and bedroom, the dining room is often under-used with many people these days choosing to eat in the lounge or kitchen; reserving the dining room for special occasions. Despite this there is excellent designs and stylish furniture available if you care for it. Lets take a look at some great examples.

Suspended Dining Table

“The Suspended Dining Table by Robert Bernstein. This suspended steel table seats twenty and does not move at all. The shape encourages interaction in many directions”

Source : Furniture Seen

Tino Table

“Tino Table from Nero 3 found at Design Around Objects (DAO). A modern dining table with a stainless pedestal base and Circular Table with extra clear 1/2″ glass top. Complimentary chairs are perfectly fitted to the table, creating a cylinder when the chairs and pushed in.”

Source : Furniture Seen

Team 7 furniture collection

Some really stylish examples of modern furniture by Team7

Source : Team7

Phillipa Dining Set

By designer: Rodolfo Dordoni

Source : Minotti

Roy and Pris Dining set

“This dining set is for people who don’t want to compromise when it comes to material, comfort, design, quality…. well, anything. Both the size and the style makes a strong statement.”

Source : LYX

Cubic Collection

Stunning cube design dining set, looks great for space-saving – how comfy the corner seats are is another matter though.

Source : Sharaks


“The polished steel circular tops of varying diameters are the most characteristic feature of this product. The various diameters of the composition are mounted at different heights on individual frames that are linked together, enabling the composition to be arranged in a variety of positions.”

Source : Meritalia

Claro Wallnut Table

“Solid claro walnut slab top available with slab leg base or post leg base”

Source : Hudson Furniture

Anora Dining Room Collection

“Anora is a high-end home furniture store that offers a distinct collection of contemporary and modern furniture and accessories at very affordable and competitive prices.”

Source : Anora

Geo dining table

“Wood veneer. Wenge finish. Seats 6. Shown with matching Zigzag chairs.”

Source : 2BMod

Creative Elegance

“As a continuing indication that there is strength in the nesting phenomenon and it is here to stay, “dining in” has really become an art form. Whether casually or in a more formal setting, the dining experience has become the focus of friends and family.”

Source : Creative Elegance

Oval dining table

Designed by Laviani, this stylish oval table has an ultra-modern feel

Source : Porro

Meal Box

“Japanese-style dining-table with chairs that can all be packed in a box.
Birch Plywood reinforced with carbonfibre. Neoprene rubber seat-padding. Table doubles as coffee-table.”

Source : Igland Design


“The chair backs are shaped to the corners of the table, to save space when the chairs are pushed up against the table.”

Source : Ikea

Tribu dining set

“Made in Italy, this modern dining set perfectly illustrates what style should be by combining simple lines with luxurious finishes and spherical elements.”

Source : Eroom Service

Layer Sideboard 77

Brown and green lacquer finished sideboard

Source : 2BMod

Egos dining table

“The Egos Dining Table by G. Carollo for Porada, Italy – this modern contemporary dining table features glass supported by a simple leather base.”

Source : Furniture Seen

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  1. Pine Wardrobe said :

    Gorgeous and excellent furniture with unique designs. The Claro Wallnut Table is so natural and have a rustic appearance. I like it. It reminds me of a pine wardrobe which I bought some 30 years back but in spite of its old and weary position it still has a lot of charm in it. I really love wooden furniture simply because they are natural and have a majestic appearance.

  2. said :

    Also in that folder you can see directions to use the agario hack in each supported browser (see above), step-by-step.


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