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What are some garden pests ?

People usually think of insects when they hear the term “garden pest,” although it actually has a wider meaning. Garden pests include insects, and even animals that interfere with the health and growth of plants. Diseases from garden pest are considered to be in a separate category from normal pests. There are five main categories of garden pests and the particular garden pests that you may encounter will differ from your location.

Insects and other multi-legged creatures is the first group of garden pests, which contains the largest number of species. Usually, their names are derived from the crop that they mainly destroy. Some examples of these pests are Colorado potato beetle, cabbage butterfly and tomato hornworm. Also common pests depending on your location are aphids, ants, caterpillar, bugs and worms like earwigs, centipedes, grubs, grasshoppers and Japanese beetle.

Another type of garden pests is mollusks. Snails and slugs which resemble shell-less snails, are also garden pests that mainly destroy members of the cabbage and lettuce family.

There are birds that are known to help control garden pests. However, there are some birds, which are garden pests themselves. Some of the examples of garden pest birds are blue jays and crows, which mainly attack corn crops, and there are lots of birds that feed on seeds and seedlings, as well as fruits, berries and nuts. Some of the bird species you should know about are gulls, pigeons, magpies, sparrows, robins and starlings. Ducks and geese, even if they are wild or stock, can also cause damage in gardens.

Some mammals, whether big or small can also be considered garden pests. The damages they cause include eaten plants and diggings in protected locales. Examples of small garden pest mammals are armadillo, rats, moles, possums, raccoons and rabbits. Larger mammals that may be considered as garden pests are bears, moose and deer.

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