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is it really necessary to make people live in others filth?

I work in a not so clean apartment complex,during my employment I have seen people live in others filth,by that I mean constant sewage leaks and no replacement of carpet or lino.I personally have seen sewage ooooz out from underneith the lino…one hallway was contanimated and all they did was spray deoderizer…I hope there won’t be any babies planning on licking the floors.The molds that they find are just painted over so if you live there don’t plan on scratching the paint.
Should this be a concerne I should bring up with housing athourity…or is this legal and I just don’t know it.

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One Response to “is it really necessary to make people live in others filth?”

  1. crackymcrackin said :

    If it’s goverment housing you should report them to the housing authority. If it is a privately owned complex you might be able to report them to the EPA or some other environmental agency. Maybe your states department of health and human services. Hope this helps. It never hurts to ask them anyway.


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