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Is it better to hire a licensed contractor to do work in your home or someone without a license?

Whether the job is big or small, which one between the two makes more sense and why?

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6 Responses to “Is it better to hire a licensed contractor to do work in your home or someone without a license?”

  1. DeeLee said :

    Licensed, because if something goes wrong you can sue them. This is not the case fro nonlicensed, you get what you got!~!!!

  2. bailie28 said :

    with always..cause if they screw it up they have a license on the lines and more than likely insurance as well..why let someone who has neither and is technically not an expert in to do anything in your home..and on some jobs you dont get to chose they have to be licensed..

  3. john said :

    good question ,
    im a contractor ,for 29 years, im not licenced, in my state ,you dont have to be
    i get work but word of mouth,
    if you want the best ,person ,ask around ,
    the paper work , dont make any sence , if they cant do the job ?
    on the other hand , some people feel safer with all that paper work , all i see is more money to pay out ,
    ask your friends, who they know

  4. Sabine5 said :

    I think that depends….if you know the person or if you have seen some if the jobs he has completed, if you can ask if he is finished on time and on budget, I would use this person….large or small job.
    Since I am a single female with no idea what the difference is between a wrench and a screwdriver I have to rely on word of mouth. Even licenced contractors take advantage of people. In the meanwhile I have found a treasure, a “handyman”.
    He does everything from building an addition,and a double garage, to putting my furniture together, and fixing my riding lawnmower, and a dozen other things.
    Usually I want things done yesterday, but that I had to un-learn…things get done and always to my satisfaction…and he has never overcharged.
    Lots of luck.
    I hope that helps.

  5. Silvio said :

    If they are not licensed, they are probably not insured.
    So, if they are doing work on or in your house and they get hurt …it’s your butt.
    If an uninsured contractor catches your house on fire…it’s your butt.
    If an uninsured roofer falls off your roof and breaks his neck…it’s your butt.
    It might cost more to hire a licensed and insured contractor but the piece of mind in knowing that you, as a homeowner, are protected, is worth it.

  6. car dude said :

    what are the laws in the state where you live? almost all states require plumbers, electricians, and heating and cooling contractors to be licensed, not all require remodeling contractors to be. here in CT you have to be licensed to to work on other peoples homes, but they do not test contractors, so what protection does that get you? my girlfriend (who works in an insurance company office) can get a remodeling contractors license, just pay $169.00 or so a year and she’s good to go! the license fees go into a fund that is used to help pay victims of incompetent contractors, up to a set amount (like $15,000), but that also includes home builders, and the coverage is pro rated, so you would still have to sue to recover your loses. here’s my advice; get quotes from multiple contractors, after getting referrals from friends, family, neighbors, and co workers. don’t just open the yellow pages and go with the guy with the biggest ad!! he’ll likely just be the most expensive, and to busy to devote enough time to your small (in his mind) job. also, don’t go with the cheapest guy either, he probably doesn’t have a good grasp on doing a better than average job, and you will end up with additional charges to get the work completed to your satisfaction. i would also advise against going with home depot/lowes for your remodeling. if the guys that they subcontract with were any good, they’d have people waiting for them to work on their houses! check with your town building dept. for what the requirements are in your area for the type of work that you are planning. check with your local BBB, on your short list of contractors. i would also suggest that you go with a working contractor as opposed to a company with salesmen, since their commission and salary come out of your job. maybe a working contractors sales pitch won’t be as polished as a “spiffy” salesmans, but you won’t be promised “pie in the sky” either! then check ot their completed jobs and references to see for yourself what kind of work they do. good luck, i hope this is of some help with your decision.


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