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I have a square bedroom with 4 walls, how many walls should I make brick?

I’m getting “brick paneling” for my bedroom and I don’t know if I should make my whole room brick or just one wall.

I want the theme of my bedroom to be a “New York City Studio Apartment”.

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10 Responses to “I have a square bedroom with 4 walls, how many walls should I make brick?”

  1. amberella said :

    yikes none!!
    maybe one?
    or the bottom half of your room

  2. Pillsburygurl said :

    Just one wall…or two walls max….four brick walls seems prison-like to…

  3. Sapphire_Socks said :

    One wall, 4 would be weird in my opinion.

  4. Kevin R said :

    I would do two of the four walls because that would look good like the two that touch eachother are the ones you should do. that sounds like a cool bed room

  5. Penny H said :

    i’d say the bottom half of ur room, or just one wall!

    -good luck!

  6. isotope2007 said :

    One wall, a feature wall. Anything else it wouldnt be a “feature” it would just be oppressive IMO. Too much of a good thing? I would not put my bed against the brick wall but use the brick for things like posters, (city scenes?) or art work,or whatever. Brick as a feature can be over powering if not used as a “background” to display things like art work IMO Sounds like a fun idea.

  7. Kristin H said :

    One wall only, but pick one without a window or a door if possible it will make it look classic and make the focus of the room the brick feature.

  8. Sarah said :

    I would do just one

  9. FeatherHead said :

    Just one will do….

  10. mickey said :

    just do one wall, that will be enough. if possible, use the wall which has no doors or windows on it. If thats not possible, then do it on the wall that is opposite the window.


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