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I am trying to figure out what color to paint a black and white tiled bathroom?

the bathroom currently has white wall. any suggestions would be appreciated. I am thinking maybe light green. Please let me know your ideas and if you have a link to the color, even better! Thanks!

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13 Responses to “I am trying to figure out what color to paint a black and white tiled bathroom?”

  1. C0TintheACT! said :

    white with big black polka dots!

  2. Eric C said :

    If you do a bright pink or light blue – it’ll have that 1950’s retro kinda look to it.

    A dark red (like blood) will give it almost a Tim Burton -esque “Beetlejuice” / Alice’s Nightmare -in-Wonderland -type look.

  3. yowza said :

    Anything will go well with black & white. Light green would be beautiful. I like the look of “spirited green” by Sherwin Williams.

  4. Thanks for Listening said :

    Red always looks great with black/white.

  5. Sahara said :

    I think light green would probably look great against a black and white tiled floor. You can pretty much go with any color.
    You could do a pink, orange, blue, purple, etc. Have you visited a paint store for samples? I know the Home Depot has a decent selection.

  6. fwf43 said :

    White walls, and if your a race fan, use a NASCAR border and curtains if you have a window.

  7. Poopy said :

    I want to paint my bathroom black and white, too! Paint black stripes on the white, up about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way up the wall. Then, along the top that is still white, stencil a vine-like, paisley, or flower border. That way, your whole room is very graphic black and white, but then you can change out your towel and rug colors to match your mood or season. Like, put orange towels and accessories in for Halloween, or red for Christmas, or pale blue for the new year, or pink for Valentine’s Day, and so on. You could have almost a whole new bathroom, every month of the year!

    Hope this helps.

  8. pipilota75 said :

    if you want to warm it up, use peachy colors, if you are looking for something refreshing pale gree is perfect.

  9. notyou311 said :

    Aqua would be nice. Paint makes such a difference. You could choose a shower curtain you like and take a color from it. Then get co-ordinating towels and a bath mat. Have fun with it. Benjamin Moore has excellent paint.

  10. J*Mo said :

    red, purple, blue, yellow, green…possibilities are endless!
    Just go with your fav color
    Or pick out a shower curtain you luv and get a color from it. You can take any swatch to Loews or Home Depot and they will match it for you
    Good luck!

  11. sofisintown said :

    How about your favorite color???

  12. Lollie 123 said :

    I would use yellow. Try to break up the black and white pattern a little. Light green would be great too!!

  13. Kelly R said :

    I would say use a light yellow on the walls and add splashes of different colors in accessories.


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