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i am new to gardening a veggie plot for next season?

I am new to gardening a veggie plot for next season.I am hoping to grow most of my veggies for next year instead of buying.i am looking for a few helpful websites that will give me good advice on the project.does anybody out there know of any out there that would help a guy that is trying to keep his spending under control.
any suggestions would be appreciated.

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7 Responses to “i am new to gardening a veggie plot for next season?”

  1. yaffer21 said :

    the best way to keep costs down is to plant from seeds and make your own fertilizer.

    here’s a site for seedlings:

    and to make your own fertilizer i would start farming worms. here’s an article for that:

  2. kathy_ said :

    Befriend some gardeners and hopefully you’ll get loads of free plants and seeds.

  3. pierce said :

    Don’t forget to take a trip to your nearest garden centre also. The people there are very friendly and will take the time to help you in any way. You get great ideas from reading gardening books, This will be my third year at it now, so I hope to come close to what I want. Carrots and potatoes are easy to grow and so are tomatoes in hanging baskets or containers.Watching some tv programmes like, ‘River Cottage’, can give you great inspiration, Finally, garden centres have free magazines which tell you all you need to know about sowing and harvesting, But be aware these mags can be very addicted! Good luck! (Forget to mention Youtube: just type in gardening and off you go!)

  4. cherrydreamcatcher said :

    For seeds, believe it or not, Wolloworths have a large selection to choose from for planting around springtime – they sell vegetable seeds and flower seeds too. I’m still growing some carrots I planted a few months back!
    And they do seed kits as well.
    Cheap prices too!

  5. IAN M said :

    join your local freecycle group you can often get items for the garden there (tools,sheds,green houses) and in the spring you can get seedlings from other freecyclers. go to to find your local one or just put freecycle in your search engine.

  6. campaign21 said :

    The best way is too plant from seeds and get a greenhouse. This way you can plant eariler and get a headstart on the rest. Make your own fertilliser by getting hold of a large water butt fill it with water and then get a onion sack fill it with sheep/horse poo and leave for 2/3 weeks then use on garde or you can use rubarb leaves in the same way. both smell foul but are great.

    Web sites National Smallholders
    Kitchen Garden Magazine
    Grow Your Own Magazine
    River Cottage

    For seeds try Kings Seeds
    all have web sites and will send you free catalogues

    try your local allotment sites for what grows best in your area the council will have a list and test your soil so you know if it is acid or alkaline.

    Happy Gardening

  7. pdblake said :

    My own site deals with growing your own, preferably on the cheap:)


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