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How/ What can be cleaned while you have your friend over during the daytime?

I don’t want her to help me clean, so no togetherness that way, but I’d like to clean and visit and get something done as well.
great ideas already already


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5 Responses to “How/ What can be cleaned while you have your friend over during the daytime?”

  1. chicagirl51 said :

    You can talk together while cleaning your kitchen or dusting. Other than that maybe put clothes in the washer and visit while you are folding laundry.

  2. Boggy said :

    Doing laundry, preparing vegetables etc. for dinner or ironing. Anything else really and you will make her feel in the way.

  3. musicimprovedme said :

    Have the dishwasher loaded and the laundry going…visit with your friend while the machines are running, and excuse yourself briefly to move loads from washer to dryer. Fold and hang while you chitchat, and you can unload the dishwasher while you visit.

    If you are in an organizing mode, you can sort through things…box up clothes to donate, etc. stuff only you can do. Get out or take down holiday decorations. I know you said you don’t want her assistance but some stuff maybe she can benefit from, such as picking through your stuff that she can use.

    You can also sort recycling, clip coupons, make some menus, do meal prep.

    You can casually wipe things down, sink, doorknobs, dust entertainment center stuff.

    Careful that you don’t slight your friend. If she asks to help she probably feels like you need help or that she would get more attention from you if she was helping…or that she has come by at a bad time. This all kind of depends on how determined you are to get the cleaning done vs how engaged you are in talkng to your friend.

    Sometimes you just gotta drop everything and enjoy a cup of tea with your buddy when they come to visit.

  4. trcp said :

    I don’t clean while friends are over. It might appear to them that they are in the way. Save the cleaning for later.

  5. pebblespro said :

    Put a load of laundry in the washer… Before she comes over.. Then put it in the dryer.. While she’s visiting fold laundry… You can also prep- dinner…. I would dust/vacuum before she arrives…. Take out any trash and wipe down the kichen/bathroom…

    Good luck


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