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How to remove a stripped screw and bolt without buying anything?

BTW its on a skateboard wheel. i dont want to buy anything.
edit: on the trucks right were the bolt is for the wheels. and its just a bolt i need off
it is just the thread and i have a vice grip and a socket wrench

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5 Responses to “How to remove a stripped screw and bolt without buying anything?”

  1. Russell A said :

    WHAT kind of screw and were is on the deck or on the trucks ? some nuts on those trucks are locking nuts and have a plastic lining try heating it to get it off if not you may have to get new trucks sorry hope it helps.

  2. bill2816 said :

    dont want to buy anything… give up skateboarding. unless you have vicegrip plyers and/or socket wrenches, and can get to the bolt and NUT with them, your out of luck.

  3. resolutewarrior2005 said :

    Is it the head of the screw that is stripped & or the thread?

    Sometimes you can use a small drill and drill it out. IF you have a friend who you can borrow a tool, CRAFTSMAN makes a tool that drills out screws and maybe they (one of your friends) have one…

    Otherwise you have to drill a small hole down the center and then use an “easy out” to remove it…

    You might want to replace them all if they are faulty too. When replacing, use some Lock tight to help prevent them from loosening. There are different grades which provide various strengths…

    Don’t forget you safey gear 🙂

  4. dbHARMesq. said :

    Well, if you don’t already have a drill & special *back-out* screw tool, you are going to *HAVE* to buy *something*! Go to your nearest hardware store and talk with a sympathetic salesman about your *special problem*.

  5. pete0518jr said :

    you can try hand dish washing detergent to unfreeze heated bolts, or just drill into the head of the bolt till you get though head, or use sawzal to cut it.


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