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How long would it take to wrap a tri-level 1,000 sf house just the facia and soffit?

I want to find the time and cost for labor for wrapping a ttri-level house with soffit and facia ,at 1000 sf??
How many hours for two journey carpenters. or eight hour days for 2,000sf house try-level?

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7 Responses to “How long would it take to wrap a tri-level 1,000 sf house just the facia and soffit?”

  1. thayo30 said :

    A 1000 square foot tri level house must be pretty thin. It would only take a day or two at the most (depending on the experience level and # of people doing it).

  2. godgouchi said :

    For one person, who has never done it before, at least thirty days. I’m not talking about an 8 to 4 day either. As for two journey carpenters, on a 2000sf house try-level, at least fifteen 8 hour days. The going rate for journey carpenters is around $25 per hour each. Being soffit and facia install carpenters in the know consider it trim and finish and would charge at least $55 per hour. Now if you want to talk about $ per square foot, Go to Home Depot and get Oshman’s Trade guide. It is the years standard to what carpenters charge and for what.

  3. Bubbaismyretardeddog said :

    I would have to agree with Thayo, I have done a few houses. If you have a person cutting the pieces, the other person could tack them in place. I had two friends help me on my house. The soffit was 24″ deep and my facia was 8 1/4″. The frieze board was 18″ tall. We had 500 running feet. We bent the material on a brake and attached everything in 2 1/2 days. We were working hard and it turned out beautifully. On jobs that we do for others we charge thirty dollars an hour each and charge for materials as well. We do not label ourselves as journeymen carpenters though, just quality craftsmen. I have met quite a few guys that call themselves that and aren’t worth a piss.

  4. cheezyhill said :

    The question is not how many square feet in the house or even square feet of soffit. How many linear feet of fascia and soffit are involved? It depends upon the height of the house and how difficult it is to set up ladders and planks etc. How many angles are there and how many different levels. Are the corners mitered or butt joints. All of these things can add time to the job. But those issues aside as long as the soffits are 36″ or less (most are 24″ or less) and the fascia is a standard size then you should hae able to get the job done in 2 to 3 days at the most.

  5. tholeeder said :

    too many variables ,if you have rot or insect damage ,you might have to replace the frame wood.

  6. James said :


    Thanks for sharing the information.

    Here is my suggestion which costs you less and also short time.

    You order insulation by the square foot. Measure the area you need covered and … seal at the bottom and wrap the vapor barrier around the top onto the ceiling of the rafter or truss trim, against the back of the facia board or gutter. … Start off at the corner of the house.

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