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How long will paint take to dry in the winter?

I plan on painting my rooms walls being that I live in a apt. and in NYC the weather is really cold, I was told that it will take days-weeks for the paint to completely dry but I’m in such a rush to have my walls painted, is there any top coating to apply over the paint so it can dry quicker? or is it possible for me to still paint my walls in the winter?

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4 Responses to “How long will paint take to dry in the winter?”

  1. justwondering said :

    I just painted some walls using Olympic low VOC paint so there were no fumes. It seemed to take a little longer to dry than some paint, but was still dry within 2 hours (and that was in a basement).

  2. fluffernut said :

    I agree with justwond……..matter of hours……..but you must use low VOC paint to eliminate the stink and chemicals that force us to open the windows. Putting a fan in the room would also help by circulating the air a bit more than usual. Paint in the early a.m. and you’ll be settled in by dinner.

  3. Kiss Me Kate said :

    it shouldn’t take any paint longer to dry because of the cold—it is humidity in the air that makes paint dry slowly…so paint on a dry day………use that low voc paint–you should be set!

  4. Wallnut said :

    I’ve been a professional painter for 20 years. At normal room temperature, using latex paint your walls will be dry in less than an hour. I paint all winter long ( indoors ) and never have a problem. A fan moving the air will help.


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