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How do you deal with field mice holes around the house?

While mowing the lawn, I’ve found several holes around the house and saw a rat/mice running away from the lawn mower. I haven’t had any rat/mice problem inside the house. Should I close the holes or put poison in them? I don’t these pests comming in the house during winter.

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One Response to “How do you deal with field mice holes around the house?”

  1. donttrustsnowmen said :

    try these sites

    Getting rid of mice – Integrated Pest Management Forum – GardenWebWe have been having problems with voles (field mice) eating out plants in the yard. … Here is a link that might be useful: How to get rid of mice … – 333k – Cached – Similar pages

    Vole Control | Field Mice | Moles | Meadow VolesGarden pest identification as a first step in vole control (they’re distinct from moles), followed by tips to get rid of these ‘field mice’ or ‘meadow mice. – 26k


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