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How do I safety get rid of ants in the house?I don’t want to harm my cats if I spray ant killer.?

They’re not the tiny little sugar ants; these little critters are bigger – and they bite!! They are not just in the kitchen, either. They seem to be everywhere. I’ve sprayed the carpet when there’s been a line of them. However,I have cats and I don’t want my pets to step in the spray, then lick their paws, as cats will.
Does anyone know of a “safe” method of killing ants indoors? I have tried vacuuming them up, but they re-appear. Thanks.

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8 Responses to “How do I safety get rid of ants in the house?I don’t want to harm my cats if I spray ant killer.?”

  1. kaliroadrager said:

    At Lowes or Home Depot they sell pest repellent that you plug into the socket, most of them come with one that has sockets in them, so you don’t lose any socket space……

    They really work, we have been ant free for a year now since we bought them, and no ants means no black widows eating them, it was a double bonus, we have lots of black widow spiders in the desert……….

  2. treyuij said:

    look what I’ve did: for 4 days I’ve used spray ant killer, vacuumed and moped the floor right away. after that i didn’t had any problems.
    and i had a 2 yo child in the house…

  3. Innisfil g said:

    I heard once that anything with Orange in it works, so I tried it outside last summer..They seem to hate the smell of orange..
    Anyways, it worked at keeping the ants away from my house, I used Orange juice sprinkled around the outside of my house.
    This should work on them and it won’t hurt your cats…

  4. answerer said:

    this is quite a cruel method but is quite effective…..
    Burn 4 or 5 ants that are in a group with a matchstick.
    ants hate heat! do it in all rooms.
    the other ants get frightened and evacuate.
    Best of Luck!

  5. Corrina C said:

    Try using a product called Ant Rid if you can get it.The ants will take it to the nest and the ants will eat it in the nest. They feed it to the larvae and the queen, killing the whole colony. Don’t put it where the cats can get to it. As it’s sugar based the cats could be attracted to it. Hope this is helpful.

  6. Chuck T said:

    I would call in a professional exterminator , you can kill these ” Soldiers ” until to cows come home but the only way to rid of them for good is to get the “Queen ” .

  7. Barbados Chick said:

    I fear you should contact an exterminator as it does sound like you have a nest in the house soemwhere – in the walls, and you will not be able to acess that yourself.

    However, you could still try using a residual persticide ONLY IN AREAS THAT YOUR CATS CAN NOT GET TO. It is important that it be a “residual” not a “contact”. “Residual” they pick up as they cross it, “Contact” only works if you spray them directly. Ask at your garden centre.

  8. princess M said:

    Ants don’t care for mint or citrus, cloves or bay leaves, so think orange peel, peppermint tea, lemon juice, ground cloves, etc. If you can plant mint around the foundations of your home, you may deter them from entering. Vinegar has the same acid as citrus, so use it to clean with and ants won’t feel welcome. (It probably erases or overpowers the odor trail other ants have left for them to follow.)

    Clean bench tops and cupboards down really well, and then wipe down with a clean damp cloth that has a few drops of essential peppermint oil on it, you may need to apply a few drops of oil a couple of times.

    Ants hate the smell of it and it is also environmentally friendly, and safe for humans and children, and no residue powders etc to clean up. And the big bonus is that the room smells fresh and minty. I also want to add that you can put the oil on a cotton ball after cleaning and put in the areas you have ants and that should help too…replace once the smell is gone.

    I hope this was helpful,Good Luck!!! 🙂



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