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how do i get rid of these nasty brown spots on my shirts??

2 of my shirts that was hanging in my closets got nasty brown spots on them. my brother thinks it could be mold. i don’t know what the hell it is. i tryed spray and wash, joy bleach alternative dishwashing liquid, and washing the shirts. And the spots are still there. does any know of anything i can do to get these nasty, brown spots out of my shirt. if so please help.

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One Response to “how do i get rid of these nasty brown spots on my shirts??”

  1. maxximumjoy said :


    Get a small tub of one of those “Oxy” powder products. (Usually with stain removers in a store’s laundry detergent section.)

    Treat one shirt at a time, and use a small basin or your bathroom sink, with the stopper plugged. Fill basin/sink at least halfway with hot, hot, hot, the hottest imaginable water. As sink is filling with water, add a small amount (like a tablespoon) of regular laundry detergent and two scoops of the Oxy powder. Using gloves or tongs, submerge shirt stains into water. When the stains are good and wet, sift some more of the Oxy powder onto the stains. It will not immediately dissolve in the water, it will settle into a glob or paste underwater on the stain. Let soak for 20 minutes, With gloves or tongs bring the shirt out of the water for inspection, shaking off any remaining powder. Run a quick rinse water over the stained areas and see if they’re gone or at least faded. You can repeat this as necessary until the stains are gone.

    This works for some pretty nasty stains, IMO. Gets them completely out!


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