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How do I check freon pressure?

I have a gauge.

Do I need an EPA license to just test pressures? I have taken the test to get it but I still have to wait on the results.

I know how to find the valves to hook it up. How do I know which is the high pressure side and which is low pressure? I assume the one attached to the skinnier pipe is high pressure, compressed into a small area.

After I attach the hoses, do I need to losen anything to allow the pressure from the system to reach the gauge?

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2 Responses to “How do I check freon pressure?”

  1. airtechnology said :

    The smaller diameter line is the liquid line and that is the high pressure side of the system. If you have a set of refrigeration gauges the red gauge goes to the high side and the blue to the low side. On most residential ac systems you do not need to open any valves they work like a car tire valve(just a shrader pin that gets compressed when the gauge hose is installed) Be careful when connecting or removing the high side gauge hose. the liquid refrigerant can cause freeze burns, wear gloves.

  2. Joey J said :

    you must have a epa license in order to check anything to do with freon.


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