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How can I keep cool during the summer?

Generally, air conditioners are enough to make your home cooler during the warm summer days. But the state of your air conditioner should also be taken into consideration so that it will run more efficiently and consume less electricity. There are various ways to make your air conditioner more efficient, such as cleaning the filter and generally maintaining it.

Besides air conditioners, you can also use dehumidifiers to decrease the temperature inside your home. Excessive humidity can be a culprit in making your home feel hotter than it actually is. You may also want to invest in some appliances that can ventilate your space effectively, such as ceiling fans, oscillating fans, or box fans. Keeping air on the move will decrease the likelihood of it heating up.

Putting a box fan in your window facing the outside is also an excellent idea. It will draw the warm, humid air out of the room to allow cooler air to enter. To maximize the use of your fan, open a window directly opposite the one where your box fan is located. This will create a cross draft – the fan will pull cool air inside your home while it blows out the warm, stagnant air.

You may also want to invest in window film that reflects heat. These can be applied on windows that are in the way of direct sunlight. Installing these window films is easy and affordable. If you’re on a tight budget or you don’t want to spend so much money, you can utilize what is already found inside your home. Leave insulated drapes on your windows rather than replacing them with lighter shades. When you close these drapes during the hotter parts of the day or when the sun shines directly through a window, these drapes will absorb most of the heat and leave your home feeling cooler. When cooler hours set in, you can always open these drapes.

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