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How can I get out wine stains ?

With any party, probably the most annoying thing that can happen to one of the guests is a stain – however, not any kind of stain. Wine stains can prove to be a challenge to anybody who wants to use an item after it has been stained with wine – it is almost impossible to get rid of them. This often leads people to throw out the item with the stain on it, since they don’t know of any other option.

Thankfully, there is one solution that I have found that seems to work for these impossible stains. It is a very short and simple recipe that almost anyone should be able to follow.

First step: you will need ½ hydrogen peroxide, a bit of soap and a cup of water. Mix the previously mentioned ingredients. Tip: You can use detergent instead of soap, however it depends on the clothing fabric – you would not want to really ruin it, would you?

Second step: apply the mixture to the stained part of the fabric. You can use a spray bottle since those help with careful pouring.

You will now see your wine stain simply going away!

This recipe works for carpets too; however, there is a small secret here. You see, this recipe does not actually remove the stain made by the wine but it removes its color, instead. Therefore, you should be careful with some types of fabrics if you do not want to ruin completely your favorite blouse.

The next time you have a party and someone accidently spills a bit of wine on your rug, try the above recipe to see if it works for you, too. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results you receive.

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