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How can I clean and organize my garage?

Garages are almost always synonymous to one big mess. Usually cramped, cluttered, and full of various things that have seen better days, it is remarkable how short a time it takes for your garage to cease to function. But don’t despair! It only takes a bit of effort and some creativity to sort out your garage.

The first step in reclaiming your garage is to look carefully through all of its contents and sort out what you can still work with, what you can donate, store for future (hopefully in the immediate future) or dispose of. You can even make some money out of the contents of your garage by unearthing some rare find you no longer appreciate but someone over eBay might. You can also put up your own garage sale. As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. When you get rid of the things you don’t need, organizing your garage will become a much easier task.

After getting rid of some of the clutter, your real work will begin. There are various ways to organize the contents of your garage, but one common and effective method is to put similar items together so as to store them in one place. For instance, tools that have similar functions (such as for gardening, plumbing, or doing repairs on your car) can be stored in one part of the garage. This method of organization will make your garage neater, and if ever you need to find something in the future, you will know where to look.

After the items have been classified according to category, it’s time to put them away. Make sure you put frequently-used items in places you can easily see. You can purchase shelves and shelf-making kits in hardware stores in order to store the items more neatly and efficiently. If you decide to use boxes, make sure each is labeled with items that fall under a certain classification.

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