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Furnace problem banging and poping?

I just bought a new construction home, everything is finished except for carpeting, At night when the heat goes on all we hear is poping, like someone is taping on the heater ducts and when the furnace stops it still continues ?? Could something be in the ducts ?? The furnace has an intake and exhaust pipe that leads to the outside and there is no screens on these pipes , could something have got into the furnace.from the outside through these pipes The furnace runs on propane. The house was purchased from the bank and has been sitting for a little more then a year.. My wife think`s it is haunted and that is the banging, The banging went on for 4 hours last night and I finally turned off the heat and everything was quiet.. We have not moved in yet , we are finishing the painting of the rooms and this is the first time we spent the night here and the wife is not happy about sleeping there.. is it possibe is could be the water pipes, We have well water. Thank you for your help..

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3 Responses to “Furnace problem banging and poping?”

  1. ZekeThePlumber said :

    I don’t think it’s the private well supply lines.

    My aunt’s actually makes this noise. . like one big popping sound every 10 or 15 minutes when the AC is on and it’s an electric unit.

    It’s something to do with the duct.

  2. toolmantlc said :

    it could be the expansion and contraction of the ductwork attached to the furnace. when it makes noise, push on the duct to see if it stops. sometimes if the duct isn’t crossbroke,to reinforce the duct, it will “tincan”, making a banging noise. if not, contact your contractor to correct the problem.

  3. rottendog93 said :

    Were there any Tombstones in the yard?
    Get it checked out before you move in, there might be more than one problem.


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