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Do you agree that this is outrageous?

We pay $3000 a month for a one bedroom doorman building apartment on the upper east side in Manhattan and the water in the kitchen has no pressure and it takes forever to get warm. Sometimes the water in the bathroom must be left running for several minutes before we can take a shower. We complained, and they said that it’s because it’s on the 12th floor… the water pressure is not as good. Isn’t this complete nonesense?

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12 Responses to “Do you agree that this is outrageous?”

  1. Jon K said :

    Actually, as far as the pressure goes they probably are correct.Although for 3000 dollars a month they should be able to install circulating pumps; they would increase the pressure and keep the water in the lines a constant temperature…….good luck though

  2. dondondo said :

    they could install an auxiliary pump so to answer your Question yes its outrageous!

  3. Dav said :

    Well, it sounds like the building has some water issues. They would need to upgrade the system so that the building has water storage/pressure tanks above you, and hot water heaters nearer to your apartment.

    Wow, 3000 per month. I am impressed. Would they object to your installing a pressure tank, pump and water heater in one of your closets?

  4. Sharlene R said :

    Hello star22,

    What seems outrageous is the amount you pay for the service you are renting. With that much rent, they should use some of the money for an axilary pump to help increase your water pressure.

    The part about the water pressure being lower because you are up on 12th floor is true. Water is heavy and it takes a lot of pressure to get it to go up rather than down, but an extra pump should be able to handle the situation.

    If they refuse to fix the problem, you could negotiate with them, on possibly an appartment on a lower floor and reduced rent for the inconvenience of low water pressure, or they Could fix the problem and you stay there. Maybe you could suggest that if the water pressure is so low, perhaps it might be too low for the sprinkler system too? Maybe the fire marshal would be interested in the water pressure.

    Good luck


  5. Samm said :

    No, it makes complete sense. Find out what floor the tanks are on and Think about how far the water has to come. This isn’t shocking.

    Just because you pay a lot in rent doesn’t make the water pressure any better than it can be.

    But I just thought of a possible correction. There is a thing call an instant hot water heater that is installed under a sink, it is tapped onto the hot water line and needs electric to plug in.
    It might cost as much a few hundred dollars to have it done in New York. But it would give you instant hot water.

    The Landlord might let you do it an deduct it from your next rent.

  6. launrider said :

    Do others in your building, or on that floor rather, have the same issues? Are there water sprinklers installed on all floors for fire issues? And if so are they in good operation? Although they would be on a seperate line, would still make me worry.

  7. mikejones33333 said :

    maybe move?

  8. mickey said :

    3000 a month!
    i wouldnt pay that much to live anywhere. but if i did i’d definitely expect the owners to cough up enough money to do some serious upgrades to the water system. they’re making an outrageous profit and some of it should without question be usedto upgrade. but i doubt if they’ll do anything unless a few tenants threaten to withhold rent or give notice to vacate.

  9. bubby64 said :

    yes it is

  10. william v said :

    Seems to me $3000 a month would go a LONG way on a monthly mortgage payment!!!

  11. blazes m said :

    No. Was there better pressure when you first moved in? The problems could be solved for a price. to the owner, is the price going to increase their income?

  12. GUNNER said :

    Yes it is. I rent out a 3 bedroom house in Iowa and charge a whopping $400 a month. Most people here don’t even make $3000 a month. So not only is your water problem outragous, so is the amount of rent. How much did they pay the indians for that whole island?


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