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Do i have to register as a company for a little gardening work?

Hey, if i was to start a little business, (ive just left school) doing gardening work, do i need to register? I do plan to run a website, which would in turn envolve me getting a domain name, so i would like to have some sort of a company name? Would this need to be registered or can i just name it? I dont really want to fork out £30 for this, and it also says you need to have a chairman, and a secrety, and a offical office to register? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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5 Responses to “Do i have to register as a company for a little gardening work?”

  1. Who knows? said :

    I think you only have to register the company name if you reach a certain turnover. Although it would be sensible to register earlier because if you get a good name for yourself theres nothing to stop anyone else using your company name.

  2. fengirl2 said :

    You cannot register business names in the UK unless you form a limited company and it wouldn’t be worthwhile doing that. Just adopt a name and use it – people are very unlikely to copy you, especially if you have a domain name which fits.

  3. wildpalomino said :

    U dont have to register it as a company but its best to register your business name because if u become sucsessful at it u could lose your name if someone decides to take it. And u will need public liabity insurance cause if u break a window etc u will have to pay for it out of your pocket.

  4. Rebecca said :

    NO! not at all, you could work as a sole trader.
    you would need to let HM revenues & customs know that you are working as self-employed within 3 months of starting but you wouldn’t have to register a business name or form a limited company etc.
    You can trade under most names – your own name ie. joe bloggs gardening services, or you could make up a name like green fingers etc. you just need to check that no-one else locally is using the same business name (check in yellow pages, phone book, local free papers etc)
    The info on this site will give you an introduction to legal structures when starting in business, it also has a link at the bottom for an interactive tool to help you decide which would be best for you
    Good luck with your business venture!

  5. Jo said :

    I would like a advice as i work part time and a single parent. I wanted to do beauty treatments from home and was wondering if i were to register with a business name to help advertise. in order to register a business name do i have to form a limited company


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