Where can I find these cool home decorations?

My dad wants to repaint the room my sister and I share, so we decided to just give it a makeover. I need a store or website that sells funky lamps, rugs, chairs and quilts. I need them to be like I said funky and not expensive. Thanx!
Oh, and do you think incents re a good idea for a 12 yr old and 8 yr old’s room?

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4 Responses to “Where can I find these cool home decorations?”

  1. ? said:

    well the best store i know is wall mart

  2. sbtravelgirl said:

    I would try either http://www.overstock.com/ , http://www.ikea.com/ , or http://www.target.com/ . I think incents might be OK for a 12 year old. But the 8 year old might, like try to eat them or something.

  3. chebrew2000 said:

    Target and Ikea. Have you seen the Target commercial with the two young girls dancing in the room? I love it when the tall skinny one flips her pony tail. It’s soo cute. Anyway pink and brown are hot right now. How about light pink on the walls and a dark pink shag rug. Target had a pretty brown, pink and white comforter. I also saw a pink and brown lamp shade in that commercial. Silver frames for your pictures. And go to allposters.com for your wall art.

  4. FakeRaven said:

    Try IKEA, its cheap and they got A BUNCH of funky stuff.
    I suggest to wait till they get a lil older, you don’t want a fire now do you?
    Just buy those Glade Plugins Air Fresheners, they are safe.


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