How do you make the house foundation stronger?

How do you make the house foundation stronger? How many hollow blocks are required to make it like tornado and storm proof? or even earthquake proof? what other things do they place to make the walls and roofing strong?

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  1. eagle said:

    Alas, all things have limits. Take a lesson from Jerico, “and the wall came tumbling down”. Certainly, you can increase strength in any structure, but with the right disaster on a structure located in the center of impact, there is no such thing as disaster proof. Good luck.

  2. dave.greg said:

    You don’t use hollow bricks for a foundation. For the basement wall, but not for a foundation.
    The local building dept. will give you a minimum building code for your foundation,MINIMUM.
    You can always go bigger, and deeper.
    Have a long chat with the local building inspecter, tell him/her your concerns and ask what you can do to “beef up” the foundation. Eg. heavier rebar, more rebar, wider and deeper footings, thicker foundation wall. They may tell you to talk to an engineer.
    No matter what your final decision is, I like your style, bigger and stronger,in a house, is always better

  3. Dan the brick man said:

    a 10 in. block wall with grout and re-bar is very strong…or you can pour a wall…i’m not a big fan of poured walls but that is my opinion…if mother nature wants to move something , she will…


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