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Why is it that people from the southern USA keep answering UK and Ireland gardening questions when their?

climate is totally alien to the British isles.

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7 Responses to “Why is it that people from the southern USA keep answering UK and Ireland gardening questions when their?”

  1. tom_love2005 said :

    Ask them!

  2. Maggie345 said :

    How do you know they’re from the southern USA? Anyway, gardening is gardening wherever you live. The rules are the same regardless of the climate.

  3. Lol Primates said :

    Do you specify what sort of climate you have?

    Average Joe who is trying to help can’t be expected to know what the climate is like in all parts of the globe.

  4. lil southern girl said :

    Do the questions you refer to specify the location of the gardener? If not, they don’t even know where the asker is. For us on the U.S. site, all English questions are lumped together here, unless we specifically click on the “US questions only” option.

  5. Lorne Mower UK said :

    I see you are being inundated by the very people you are complaining about. I too get irritated by their comments, ‘bring in tropical plants if night temp nears 50F’, by God in my area we would all take our sleeping bags on the lawn and sleep ‘al fresco’. I am fed up with outdoor tomatoes as big as grapefruits and melons as big as the London eye. Remember, when asking from our islands incorporate in your question ‘UK AND IRELAND ONLY’
    As Shakespeare writes ‘Begone I tell you begone’ or somthing like that. Each to his (or her) own kind I say
    Don’t blame them too much, it’s just the way they are. God bless ’em

  6. Dragon said :

    Well I live in Australia and you would be surprised at how many plants from around the world grow here even if the temperature is completely different. Unless the questions are relevant to temperature eg snow, it is irrelevant where the answer is from. General questions on disease, growth and horticultural practices are the same the world over. Plants are usually grown in a temperature specific zones and these zones are all over the world not just specific in one country you can have a person in a specific area of USA with exactly the same conditions as yourself in the UK.

  7. taffscott said :

    Perceived self importance.


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