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Where would I contact that does home inspections?

After paying this winter’s utilities we definately need to winterize our home better. What kind of a company does weatherization estimates and would tell us exactly what we need to repair or do to our home to lower next year’s heating bills?

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2 Responses to “Where would I contact that does home inspections?”

  1. zocko said :

    u might contact your gas company or utility company and ask where you might get an “energy audit” .. they will either give you a company or might even offer a free service….

  2. pestproblemsolver said :

    Often your utility company will ofer this either inhouse or by an outside company.
    You can also contact a heating and air conditioing company. many offer this service and it can be more exact than the service provided by a utility company. They can often find hidden air leaks and help you either fix them yourself or offer you a bid to handle it for you.


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