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Where can I get huge old tyres to use in a school gardening project? I’m in London?

huge truck or tractor tyres make great raised beds.

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11 Responses to “Where can I get huge old tyres to use in a school gardening project? I’m in London?”

  1. howie said :

    possible London bus depot, they are quite big tyres aswell

  2. harry said :

    go to a recycling centre outside london

  3. leanne_on_line said :

    call up your local scrappy (yellow pages scrap yard) ask them what you want im sure they will have some

  4. paul e said :

    find truck repair shop.they will be glad to get rid of them

  5. the_god_that_failed_uk said :

    If they’re for growing strawberries in like I did when I was a kid, garden centres do actually sell them for the purpose, but there are (probably) cheaper alternatives like other people have mentioned. Bus depots, truck repair centres, that sort of place. But garden centres definitely sell them. Hope this helps, and good luck with the project!

  6. ERIC G said :

    Ask at a construction or trucking company what they do with their wornout tires. Either they’ll have some on hand or you’ll know who changes their tires. Not all old tires can be recapped or recycled, so that tire place can let you know the next time they get some of those rejects in.

  7. Dragon said :

    Ask you local tyre dealer. They replace them on the vehicles and then are left with the ‘bald’ tyre, they should be happy to give them to you.

  8. axemanjase said :

    youll need a 8 ton trolley jack and a large torche wrench and some bricks then go to the nearest cafe where all the big fat lorry drivers will be filling there faces with lard on toast and 10minutes and bobs ya uncle1 lorry wheel

  9. SundaeG1rl said :

    When I was looking for car/truck inner tubes I went to ATS first. The guy there pointed me in the direction of this lorry/HGV garage on an industrail estate. If you look in the yellow pages for HGV or Van maintenance, or even under commercial vehicles, it’ll give you a list of places to try. is flipping great for this.

    Kudos to you for your recycling effort! (I’m a fellow creative Womble)

  10. someone said :

    call your local tire store or tractor supply store they will be able to refer you if they do not have them

  11. rich said :

    There always seems to be loads in laybys around my area, just keep your eyes open.


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