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where can I find an inexpensive washing machine?

I am a single mother and need a reliable quality machine.

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10 Responses to “where can I find an inexpensive washing machine?”

  1. bo said :


  2. Dan E said :, look under free first than household.

  3. DlCK Chenney said :

    junk yard

  4. .Ashley. said :

    Look in the classified ads of your newspaper. I found one that was free as long as I went and picked it up!

  5. Solange said :

    Try for your city.
    Sometimes you can even get a free one!

  6. httnmrtt said :

    Check the yellow pages for used appliances. There are a lot of appliance refurbishers who can sell a good used washing machine for under $150 (US)

  7. Bama said :

    look in your local paper for used

  8. yvetta2203 said :

    Used appliance stores (where I bought mine for $50 and it’s in great condition)

  9. Lisa T said :

    Look in your local paper, or sometimes thrift stores have them. Too bad you didn’t live in NH. I have a 5 year old GE that I’d sell you for $100. I just replaced it with a front-loader.

  10. Rochelle N said :

    I would go to Sears. My husband works there and it’s a very good store.


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