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What’s the difference between full and full/double?

I’m getting a new bed from Ikea and it the options change from “full” to “full/double” everything is the same, the size and the prize. But why are they stated at two different times? The only difference is that the full/double is available to purchase online and the full is not. Somebody help me out .

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2 Responses to “What’s the difference between full and full/double?”

  1. boots said :

    There is no difference –they are the same

  2. M S said :

    Full and double mean the same size of bed or bedding. It’s just one is used more commonly in some parts of the country, and the other
    is more common in other parts. Probably different writers for the
    in store vs. the online.

    Sometimes you will see quilts or comforters advertised as full/queen which means it will hang a little longer on a full bed, or a little shorter on a queen bed.


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