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Whats the best way to do gardening?

Hows good to build a compost heap?
Whats the best fruits to grow in clayey soil?
Whats the best sort of plants for an english garden that gets lots of sun?
How do you deal with forever growing weeds after forever pulling them out of the ground?
Any answers??????

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14 Responses to “Whats the best way to do gardening?”

  1. niny said :


  2. angel 36 said :

    on your knees lol

  3. Strange Ball said :

    buying a mowing machine

  4. ihavetriedseveralnamesnow said :

    Use a wire enclosure to pile all of your grass and vegetable matter in. Turn it frequently. Keep it moist.

  5. dinkydoo said :

    have a sleep let someone else do it.

  6. mancunian_nick said :

    Pay someone ELSE to do it!! 😀

  7. Felidae said :

    All sorts of things can go into compost; tea bags, unprocessed vegetables, coffee grounds, moderate amount of ash, moderate amount of grass cuttings, etc. Make sure that there’re worms in there.

    You need two (if not three) big bins next to each other. Layer of soil, then compost as per normal, putting in an odd layer of soil every now and again.

    At the end of the year, shift it all from the one bin to the other (This turns it) and cover it up. Then start on the next bin. If you have three bins you can do this for another year.

    When the first bin is ready, use the compost on the garden.

    The bins should NOT be air tight.

    As for you other answers; start with the link below. It’s the Royal Horticultural Society – it’ll make a good starting point and you can get some very good books from them which are worth referencing.

    On an additional note; start small and work you way up. Don’t do what we did and do big bang and everything. We where shattered and frustrated.

  8. Michael H said :

    See my answer here for weeds:;_ylt=Akx0cFRVahauP6eUT3EE9xmKBgx.?qid=20060904031448AAjEBCw

  9. handsomedev2001 said :

    boring question !

  10. Joolz said :

    For Composting: check out your local council first as they may have a special deal going with the local garden centre where you can get a discounted composter, They may even be giving them away!

    As for the best sort of fruit to grow in a Clay type of soil, try the cultivated variety of blackberries which do not have the thorns on them, or Strawberries. The Strawberries will need to be fed with something like baby bio, and then once the fruit start developing, try and keep the fruit off the ground by using straw (hence the name) or as I did use bamboo canes and bricks, so you lift the fruit on a cross beam propped on the bricks. this then stops the wood lice, snails & slugs frome eating the berries! As for weeding that is a job that will be on going, but there is one good thing, you can put the weeds in the composter!

  11. Sandy F said :

    Compost heap.. put all of your grass clippings and any other plant material in a pile put a little dirt in it.. You have to keep turning it through the year.. keep some water on the pile to make it work. cover with dark plastic .. the hotter the pile stays the faster it can also add food scrapes from the table anything but meat.. make sure your pile is far enough away from the house not to draw flys or bugs..

    the clay soild you can grow any kind of fruits in . just amend the soil.. adding some sand peatmoss. even add some of your grass clippings off of the yard.. add your compost every year to the soil around the fruit tree digging it in a little bit each time not disturbing the roots.
    probably best to add a bag of potting soil to the clay earth you dig up when planting the tree.. put mulch around the tree every year to keep the roots cool during the hot months. If you do this every year for about three years the soil your tree is growing in should have roots that have gone deep enough to survive on its own.. water regularly.. even in the winter month it needs water. even if the ground is frozen..
    I don’t know a whole lot about english gardens. but as for the weeds. you can use your grass clippings to kill them to. if they don’t get sun or air they will die out.. cover them to about 3 ” inches and it will help to cut down the weeds and the constant pulling of them.. I have friends save me grass clippings for my gardens. Hope this helps

  12. Steel Lady said :

    Compost – not cooked scraps from the table as was suggested.
    As for which types of plants to grow where – get hold of the RHS Gardeners Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers – it is indispensible, I refer to mine all the time and I’ve been gardening for years. Also, when you go to the garden centre the labels on the plants will tell you what position in the garden they like – full sun, partial shade, etc – for full sun you will be spoiled for choice, the heavy clay is more likely to be a problem & the only solution for that is to dig in lots of compost / soil conditioner & good organic matter to ensure your plants don’t drown.
    As for the weeding – If they are annual weeds, all you can do is keep pulling them up (make sure you use a trowel & get the whole root), they get fewer each year & the more plants and flowers you have, the less space the weeds have to come through so make sure your garden is well stocked – if they are perennial weeds & you’re not worried about being organic then spray them, a couple of applications with something like Round-Up will kill them right down to the roots & you will soon get the garden back under control – just remember to follow the instructions very carefully & never spray on a windy day!

  13. Billy T said :

    Tell your partner it’s good excersise 🙂

  14. pat j said :

    If you’re not in a hurry, you can build compost heap just by dumping weeds, vegetable scraps etc. on top of ground if you have space. It may take longer than a composter, but it works and its cheap. I have heard that clay has more minerals and is better in a lot of ways than regular dirt. You can also plant trees in top soil or seasoned manure in special hole until they become established and strong enough for the harder clay. Order flower and garden catalogs and this winter you can decide which flowers and herbs you want for your English garden. Most catalogs will tell you how much sun is required for each different plant. And when you pull the weeds, are you also pulling the roots of the weeds? A lot of people don’t take the time to try to pull the roots of the weeds. If you don’t pull roots, weeds just laugh and come right back. If you pull most of roots you can cover ground around plants with landscaping cloth or multiple layers of newspaper or cardboard or some material which will block sun and prevent weeds from growing in these areas. Gardening is great. And it can be work. But it is well worth the effort. The ‘net is a great place to find more answers. Just ask. Good luck.


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