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whats its called when someone leaves a big old stinky couch in their yard for months?

Someone around my block has a trashy old couch sitting in their yard and has yet to remove it. One morning they had “rent a service” bring them a new couch and just threw the old one out of their door. I want to try and scare them by putting a NOTICE sign on the couch and scare them into cleaning it up and I need to know the word so it looks official.???????

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7 Responses to “whats its called when someone leaves a big old stinky couch in their yard for months?”

  1. Tarok J said:

    It’s called being a lazy fuck.

  2. Bonkers B said:

    Beginning of hoarding?

  3. Bannon said:

    You could probably call the city about it. There are laws about leaving trashy junk laying out.

  4. Carolyn said:

    A code violation. I am willing to bet it REALLY is one. Contact your local city ordinance office and ask. You can do it without revealing your identity or if you don’t want to cause them trouble, you could also call your local trash p/u and tell them you are the homeowner and for them to pick it up. I’d stay hidden to avoid confrontation.

  5. Bingo Dominance said:

    Gasoline + Match = Problem Solved

  6. Bill Z said:

    you call them “rednecks”

  7. Boston Blend said:

    Just call the city and complain and they will send an inspector out to talk to the owner.
    Not only is it an eyesore, but also a haven for insects, rodents and other wildlife. I’m sure the other neighbours feel the same way that you do. Go ahead and make the call, your name will not be revealed to the owner.
    Good luck!


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