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What would you want from a gardening website and newsletter?

For my ICT project, I’ve decided to investigate and develop a gardening website, but im not really sure what you would want from one –
What kind of information should I include on the website?
How frequently would you want a newsletter?
Would you want it by post or by e-mail?
Is there any good websites already out there (links please!!)?
and if there’s anything else you want to say about it
thanks a lot

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2 Responses to “What would you want from a gardening website and newsletter?”

  1. greenfingers said :

    A month by month guide of tasks to do is a good start.
    Information on when to prune, how to prune, what to plant and pests and diseases likely to be around in that month. What looks good in each month. The plant of the month etc.
    An emailed monthly newsletter would be best. You could also include a questions and answers section and/or comments from readers.
    Lots of pictures is always a good thing. Explaining how to do things is always easier with diagrams and pictures and everyone loves a glossy picture of a pretty plant.
    Monthly articles on current topics could also be included. The benefits of organic gardening. How to use hydroponics. Recession gardening…how to get the most food crops in the smallest space in a suburban garden. Problems of non-native plants and pests. etc. etc.
    Here are a couple of good sites that I always refer to…

  2. Mademoiselle Le Chat said :

    Every area has it’s own gardening challenges. It seems like most gardening advice is for people who live in California, the NorthWest or the NorthEast, and usually the gardens featured in gardening magazines are for people in these areas.
    I wish I could find a website and an e-mail newsletter that was more tailored to the climate where I live. Most of the ideas I find just don’t work here! Once a month for the newsletter would be great, with tips on what I should be doing in my garden now. For instance, at pruning time, let me know which trees should be pruned and how to do different kinds of trees.
    I think a lot of gardening websites try to give all the information they can cram in, and so a lot of things get skipped over. I think it would be helpful to be more specific, either to a specific geographic location or to a specific type of plant or type of gardening. You would have a more narrow audience, but for those who are needing that specific information it would be great.
    Another thought I had, is you could create an individual newsletter for paid subscribers. Basically, I tell you what I have in my garden or landscape that I need help with, and you send me a few newsletters a year with specific information for me. Like, now it’s time to prune your apple trees, here’s how to do it. And now it’s time to divide and transplant your hostas, here’s how to do it. I would love a service like that! To simplify things on your end, you could offer a list of plants or other information you offer, and people could sign up for information from the your list, rather than just receiving requests for information on every random plant you’ve never heard of.

    Look up Mel Bartholomew, (I think I spelled that right) he has a flower and vegetable gardening method using raised beds.
    Check out High Country Gardens, they sell plants for xeriscaping.
    Sites like Burpee have such a wide range of products, that it is often difficult to know if something will really work in my garden, and they don’t offer a lot of advice beyond what is in their catalog and website.


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