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What type of wood do you find to be most pleasantly smelling?

I have an old desk that I can considering replacing the top of and I intend to build a few flat simple desks out of wood. Perhaps either factually or in your opinion, which type of wood is most preferred in terms of scent?

Thank you.

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14 Responses to “What type of wood do you find to be most pleasantly smelling?”

  1. Fatty said :

    Pine or fir. I love the smell of fir but I think pine is stronger.

  2. Smoot_the_cat said :

    oak is sooo good

  3. Jigi said :

    Personally, I love the smell of ceder. I think this wood might be too soft for a desk top though. My carpentry are usually used in the construction, not furniture, trades. I really couldn’t say what would be the most durable and smell the best for a desk.

  4. Brother Otter said :

    Eastern red cedar. However that’d be a poor choice for a desktop; it’d scar and mark easily.
    Maple doesn’t have any particular smell but it’s structurally very good for furniture making.

  5. repyoshyt said :

    oak is by far the best wood out there
    it smells so great

  6. Nety said :


  7. Ken H said :

    actually you don’t want to smell anything on your wood desk if is covered with varnish, poly or shellac. It is to protect the wood from stains and the elements. Aromatic ceder is good when you don’t use protection, because it good for closets or chests to keep the bugs away. But would not recommend cedar on your desk. A good mahogany stain has a nice scent to please the smell. Now think Cherry is my favorite smell and makes a beautiful desk by using only clear satin varnish.

  8. Tio said :

    use a good hardwood like maple and put some cedar aroma sachets (the kind used in closets).the nice smelling wood is either expensive or too soft for a desk top

  9. pedro7of9 said :

    use oak or maple then buy a glade air freshener to plug in….the coating/seal on desktop will cover any good smell….get a sashay of cedar or potpourri

  10. sensible_man said :

    Cedar, but the hardness (or lack of) may not meet the needs of the wear it can have done to it.

  11. Best answer is usually right said :

    as I finish all my furniture to protect it from natural greying due to aging, hand oils, dirt and grime…so wood smell is kind of irrelevant(as it is covered by stains and clear coats of varnish or other material which seal in the wood odor. . I like cedar smell. However that wood is relatively soft for a desktop, or fronts. So I would be tempted to line inside the drawers and enclosed areas with a thin layer of cedar. maybe. I am more into appearance.

  12. oil field trash said :

    Being from the South, I am partial to cypress. It has a very unique aroma and is a beautiful wood.

  13. Jake said :


  14. Rod said :

    If price is not too much a factor, Sandalwood is famously fragrant, suitable for use as a desktop, and has a tight swirled grain that is beautiful. But scent is highly subjective: what I like you may not care for. If you want a nice desktop it would really be worth your time to find and visit a lumber yard with a good assortment of woods.

    Also, many soft woods, wonderfully fragrant, are not really suitable for a desk top. You will need a fairly hard wood to stand up to daily use.

    As others have pointed out, however, when finished with varnish, lacquer, or the like, (which would protect the top) the fragrance is sealed in. Don’t be tempted to leave the underside unfinished either. Real wood is hygroscopic and if one side is finished and the other left unfinished, will bow and ruin your top.

    If you want the fragrance and the beauty of the wood you must leave the top unfinished or finish with wax alone (this will subdue the fragrance but afford some protection for the wood). This will age beautifully, but require some care and maintenance to keep nice.


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