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What to do when your neighbor leaves her stuff at your house?

My neighbor left her things in my garage and it has been two months since she has moved and I no longer have contact with her. And I need my garage back. What should I do?
she left a huge kitchen table an entrainment center, a crib and a desk!

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9 Responses to “What to do when your neighbor leaves her stuff at your house?”

  1. Austin R said :

    Well what is it?

  2. commotion said :

    If you dont think they have any sentimental value then wait a little while longer and then do whatever you need to do with it. Especially if they arent that nice and you dont think its things that she really needs.

  3. Jeanne R said :

    Check with your local district attorney’s office. You made need to place an ad in the paper to “remind” your neighbor to come and get her stuff. There may also be a specified time period that you have to hold the items before you sell them to pay the ‘storage fee” for using your garage.

  4. Benihana said :

    If you have exhaused EVERY means there is to contact her, then you should set it out at the curb or donate it. I don’t think you should sell it for profit or keep any of it, no matter how tempting it may be. She may come back for it and if you have profitted from it, could make things messy.

  5. bootsareapacken said :

    Just to be save and protect yourself, place an add in the paper saying …..

    If (put neighbors name) doesn’t pick up belongings by (set a date) same will be sold OR disposed of.

    It’s you choice as to sold or disposed of.

    This way your neighbor can’t come back at you for getting ride of the stuff. She’s been warned. This is done all the time.
    You’re not responsible if she sees the add or not.

    Don’t give your NAME, ADDRESS or PHONE NUMBER or you’ll leave yourself wide open to all kinds of phone calls from every man, woman or beast or an invite for someone to come and take it while you’re not there.

  6. tommysgirl said :

    i would give it 90 days before i got rid of it. after that it’s yours to do with as you wish!

  7. meanolmaw said :

    take it all apart so that you can have your garage back with it stored quietly in a corner… but USE the desk…. find a nice spot for it in your house, start using it like it’s the most important bit you have….. that will almost guarantee that she’ll THEN come back for it!!…. *smile*….

    really, tho… two months is not so long…. it takes that long to just set up and unpack!!….. she was a neighbor and friend, I take it?…. hang on to the stuff a while longer…. give it six months before you dare to donate it to Goodwill…..(but do take the tax receipt… you did provide a service and are due that much!)

  8. booboo said :

    Have you tried mailing a letter to her? You can do one of two things:
    1) mail her a letter to the old address and hope it gets forwarded to her or
    2) mail her a letter to the old address and put (either “address change requested” or “change service requested” on the envelope), I can’t remember which one… but what it will do is, get your letter back to you with her forwarding address on it. A quick call to the post office will tell you which one of the two to put on the envelope. (This is what is usually written on a envelope you get with a bill inside, because they want you to receive the bill and the sender needs to know if you moved!)

    Once you have her address, contact her and tell her you need your garage back and please collect her belongings within ____ days.

    If she doesn’t, then check with your local authorities on abandonement laws regarding personal property. There will be some limitations as to how long it needs to be abandoned before you can dispose of it properly, what is termed abandoned and what methods you need to take in regards to contacting her to declare it abandoned. There may be some restrictions on how you can dispose of it also (can you sell it and make a profit, can you donate, can you just dump, etc), but you can find that out when you call.

    Best of luck, hope I helped some! (Reminds me to get my boxes out of my in-laws garage!) lol, lol 🙂

  9. 2boysmom said :

    mail her a letter to her old address, it should get forwarded to her at the post office, if she doesn’t get in touch with you use it or have a yard sale or take it to goodwill. p.s. send her a storage bill 50.00 a month should cover it. lol


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