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What should I do about flirty neighbor that flashes me while gardening?

She always shows up in my yard while I am gardening. She wears loose tops and bends over in front of me so that I can see her breasts. She never is wearing a bra either.

It is having an effect on me now, how do I handle?
We are both married and I know flirting. She is flirting with me, she fancies me. My wife even picked up on this. My problem is she is very attractive and my temptation is growing. An attractive woman really knows how to work it and make perfectly good husband have nasty thoughts.

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29 Responses to “What should I do about flirty neighbor that flashes me while gardening?”

  1. Dave Le said :

    flash your penis back at her

  2. larmarine83 said :

    Dont look, I doubt shes has found a way to control what way your head is turning. It takes 2 to tango.

  3. sarah11 said :

    welll.. if you like it then dont do anything about it. but if not tell her you are uncomfortable which would probably embarrass her and solve the problem quickly

  4. frosty said :

    Build a privacy fence.

  5. Curious said :

    call the cops

  6. psychicdude9000 said :

    try not to look, approach her and talk about it, otherwise, keep looking dude

  7. richardwelchcolumbus said :

    If you enjoy the show and are willing to risk possible embarassment but willing to take the chance that she is inviting you for more say out loud enough for her to hear “WHOA!”

  8. lois c said :

    go do some plowing kiddo and sow some seeds haha. what do you want me to tell you ? go get some!!!!!.

  9. Angie said :

    There are some great trellising plants you can buy and just let them trail up the fence between you. Or plant some fast-growing bamboo or trees. Women shouldn’t taunt men like that – its not nice (and I am a woman – guys tell me what y’all have to go through when women do that! I hear it’s torcher!) I like clematis, trumpet flowers, or even edible bean/pea pods. Maybe she’ll get the hint. She needs to get a life.

  10. enochsangel said :

    just dont look, dont make a big deal out of it, it will really embarrass her, just dont LOOK!!!! in the whole realm of things, does this really matter?? you should be so lucky to have such a small problem, think about those at war, those families gone those who have lost a brother, a dad, a husband, a loved one, i have lost a classmate there, so just be thankful this is your little problem

  11. ada7468 said :

    Bend her over the patio table and give her a good shafting

  12. poppyman54 said :

    Is she attracted to you, or is she just a outgoing type person? If she doesn’t realize she is doing it, then talk to her about it, in a gentlemanly way. Tell her how you feel, the truth won’t hurt either of you. Who knows, this might be the start of something! Good luck!

  13. svindoctor said :

    dude unless your gay i dont see the problem, she must want you so go do somethign about it. Take her up!

  14. walterferguson2226 said :

    she may not know she is doing it,let her know it is happening and tell her you are interested if you are,she will make the next move.

  15. country-girl said :

    are you married
    if so tell her that it makes you feel uncomfortable that she’s showing her self to you
    and if your not married
    either tell her that she needs to put some clothes on or ask her out maybe she will put clothes on for the date(ha-ha)
    i’m sure if you say something she will stop doing these things

  16. dual_reality said :

    If you’re not married…wear short no breifs and lay out in the yard….it will either confirm you suspicions or she just doen’t realize she is hangingout all over you.

  17. I don't know Margo said :

    Ask her out if I am flashing someone it is because I want attention it’s rarely done by accident. If her attention is unwanted stop looking she will get the picture.

  18. lori l said :

    if your’re not interested tell her to stay in her own yard

  19. bangh99 said :

    Invite a pretty girl.

  20. luminous said :

    you are human and I do not blame you –however; these types of whores exist everywhere and that is the master manipulator a woman uses –the next being tears–if you are married and she is married don’t touch her with a ten foot pole–my husband was a good looking very engaging person and fell prey to these types and they got him on drugs –which he wanted to try–he’s lying in the back bedroom as we communicate suffering from a stroke from the drugs–not trying to preach but this is one subject that gets my dander up big time

  21. SaraSue said :

    First of all, I respect that you want to respect her, and respect yourself by not oogling her.
    I would very sternly ask her to stop coming over. Or make it clear that if she would like to visit you that she needs to dress more modestly. That you are not wanting or desiring a “show”. This will probably embarrass her enough to make her stop.
    If you have a reason (i.e. faith, marriage, recovering sex addict) than be honest with her. Let her know that she is making herself into an emotional problem in your life by her dress and behaviour.
    I’m sure she will try to be more helpful if you are honest.

  22. xtiantimman said :

    The bible says, if someone has offended you, we are to go to that person in private and confront them. We should give them the chance to set it right for their self. And when that does not work, we are to confront them with others (your wife).

  23. ramall1to said :

    One thing you can do is look the other way and not pay any attention to it. If you don’t look, she will get the message sometime. If that is not something you can do easily, talk to her and let her know that you really don’t want her coming over if she is going to do that or have your wife talk with her and let her know to either stop or she is not welcome.

  24. Willy B said :

    You could always sell me your home… *LOL*

    Enjoy the view. If you MUST endulge your carnal desires elsewhere other than home… go further afield than your garden neighbour.

    Just my two cents.

  25. Flower said :

    Well you’re a little unclear about a couple things. By ‘having an effect,’ you mean you are starting to find it arousing? And when you say ‘how do I handle?’ does that mean that you wish to persue this? From the tone of your question, I’m assuming you are finding this uncomfortable and want it to stop. In that case I would suggest a two-part solution. Have a conversation with her at some point and mention your partneer about 20 times. After that, make it a point to leave if she comes around when ur outside gardening and starts putting on her show. Make it obvious but don’t be a jerk about it. She’ll get the message.

  26. 400lbtwins said :

    If it bothers have your wife work the garden with you and see if she still flashes you, if you like it and it sounds like you do, ask her what her intensions are.

  27. momof3inok said :

    You need to talk with your wife and ask her to help put a stop to it. Have her show up in the yard while the neighbor is there with you. If she, as your wife, looks her up and down with an obviously disapproving look and makes some comment, for instance, “honey, my man is taken, save it for your hubby” and then turns her back to her to help you, she should get it.

    If you try to say something, its gonna be obvious that to her that she is getting to you and that is just what she wants.

  28. Haddock said :

    chuck one up her

  29. Lick'em Up Front said :

    When she bends over, take a good look. Commit sight deep in memory bank. Then turn around, bend over and show her your plumber’s crack. Most men’s hairy cracks turn off women anyways. Be careful though, as she may drop a quarter in and try to fetch it.


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