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What product can I use to easily remove the blood off my clothes/underwear?

I never wash the blood off immediately so I let the washing machine do that for me and it does wash most of it off, but a faded stain remains after the washing. With what can I get rid of those stains with?

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6 Responses to “What product can I use to easily remove the blood off my clothes/underwear?”

  1. dogzrule said :

    To remove blood stains from clothing, place them under cool running water and then sprinkle baking soda on. Gently rub the fabric into itself and then place under cool water, repeat if needed.

  2. mum2three said :

    well your problem may be in your method in the first place!
    you should soak clothes in a pre-soaker (cold water), preferably as soon as you find the stain. if you’re just chucking them in the wash and using warm/hot water you’ll just set the stain in.

  3. Lisa B said :

    Hydrogen peroxide gets blood out of clothes. Pour on stain and let sit then pour more on. It has
    always gotten all blood out with one exception and that time after soaking with the hydrogen, I also
    sprayed stain remover on before laundering. It came out with a dull shade of stain that i never was able to completely remove.

  4. reallyitsmeyouarelookingfor said :


  5. Sunflower said :

    I use spray and wash it works great on fresh stains which is the best time to catch a stain when it first happens run it under cold water first then put spray an wash on and rub it in. On an old stain put spray and wash on the stain when the fabric is dry and rub it in real good and let it set for a few then wash in cold water. Cold water gets dirt and stains out better than warm or hot.Good luck

  6. Judy said :

    To easily remove those stains take a paper towel and some bleach. dip the paper towel and blot the bleach over the underwear. For clothing you can’t use bleach if it is a colored fabric. Use Tide stain remover and a bit of water and scrub into the stain and rewash the article again.


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