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What is the value of our old pedestal tub?

We recently purchased and old home. Upstairs in the bathroom there was an extremely heavy tub. it has an interior length of 60 inches and is about 2ft deep. From pictures that i have seen on the internet they refer to this as a pedistal tub. The piping comes in through the front. It is huge and heavy. I still dont know if i want to get rid of it or keep it in the house as there is nothing wrong with it.

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3 Responses to “What is the value of our old pedestal tub?”

  1. donna d said :

    i would keep it if i was you can’t find original tubs like that any more.install it and use it if it is not already installed they are nice and big and beautiful and make your bathroom look the i would keep it if i were is worth more for you to keep then to sell it for whom ever you sell it too is the winner.

  2. Cat Lady said :

    If you have a pedestal (clawfoot) bathtub with *those* dimensions, I would keep it!!

    My God, If I bought a house with that bathtub, I would probably decorate the whole house to go with that, which would be Victorian Style.

    Do the whole bathroom in Victorian. It will be a knockout!!!

  3. zluckycharmz said :

    Clawfoot tubs are GORGEOUS and so classy, especially if you can decorate around it. The value would be based on the condition of it…

    Ive seen some awesome bathrooms that have clawfoots, yet are still modern or contemporary

    I would consider keeping or even painting it! Check these out×400/American_Standard_Reminiscence_Slipper_Soaking_Clawfoot_Bath_Tub.jpg


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