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What is the secret to successfully using coupons?

I’m inspired by people who are saving so much money using coupons, but how exactly do you make them work in a practical sense? I’ve been searching through tons of coupons, and only a handful seem to be for things that we use/eat, which might save us a couple of bucks here and there.

What is the secret to successfully using coupons?

Well, what about these people who are claiming to buy $85 worth of products for $5 and stuff like that?

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11 Responses to “What is the secret to successfully using coupons?”

  1. mayo_carl said :

    buying brands or products that you wouldn’t normally use

  2. Hi :) said :

    My mom uses coupons constantly. She has a special folder for all of them. Even though a lot of coupons aren’t necessarily what we normally would like, my mom uses them anyway because in the long run it’s saving money. For example if the coupon is 2 dollars off Nesquick powder mix. My mom knows that Nesquick is more expensive than, say, a Shop Rite brand powder mix, BUT with the 2 dollar off coupon, it would essentially be cheaper than buying the Shop Rite brand powder mix.

    If you want to save a lot of money, you’re going to have to be open to trying out a lot of different products and brands. Every time my family has spaghetti for dinner, there’s a different pasta sauce. It all depends upon the coupon my mom has.

  3. Kiss Me Kate said :

    ok-from what i’ve seen those people buy based on the coupons they have, rather than their needs/wants at the moment…they use manufacturer and store coupons simultaneously or wait for sales and then use coupons on top of that–they also go to stores that double coupons…it takes a ton of planning—I don’t have the patience!

  4. Munna Muqthiyar said :

    Coupons are used becaus a same person can twice or more than that With out payig For that. In order to avoid this type of conditions coupon system was established.
    I hope this answer may reach ur expectations.
    Thank Q.

  5. Mackenzie said :

    You have to plan smart and be organized.

    My first rule is: if you don’t use it, don’t buy it. Coupon or not, it’s not a great deal if you aren’t using it. Some people who save a lot of money, I frankly think it is because they eat a lot of crap.

    We don’t use a lot of processed foods; we barely buy any canned goods at all (olives, maybe beans), we don’t eat things like chicken nuggets or processed meats, we don’t buy pre-packaged lunch meats or sodas/juices or instant products like stove top and soups.

    We buy fresh meats, fresh or frozen produce, grow most herbs & spices ourselves and a few staples like rice, pasta, flour, sugar, cereal, etc. If I want soup, or cookies, or humus, I just make it from scratch.

    Some things I always look for, like laundry detergent or dish washing liquid, cereal, etc.

    Look for sales… I save a lot of money if I can utilize a vendor coupon when a store sale is going on. Example, save $1 on two boxes of Cinnamon Toast Cruch, which sometimes goes on sale around here 2 for $4, or buy-1-get-1-free, so I get 6 boxes at the sale price and get off $3 in coupons off on top of it.

    I also save big by buying meat on buy-1-get-1 free sales, or half-price sales (which work out to the same thing).

  6. Abstract Fit said :

    I like to use they actually deliver what they promise with no scams or gimmicks. Hope that helps 🙂

  7. John said :

    Everybody might not save the kind of cash that you see on the TV shows. But just by doing a little searching for coupons before you go shopping can save you some money that you can spend on something else.

    Don’t buy stuff that you won’t use just because you have a coupon (unless you are planning to donate it to the local food bank). You only save when you can use the “savings” on something else.

    More coupon info and direct manufacturer links on “Real Savings for You with Coupons.”

  8. Jim S said :

    I watched a show the other night about extreme couponing. The people I saw were buying huge quantities and it was questionable whether or not they would use all of the products before the expiration date and/or the product went bad.

    Having said that, my wife and I have used coupons for years and save between 25% and 40% on our grocery bill over a year’s time. Here are a few ideas: Don’t buy anything with a coupon that you wouldn’t buy without a coupon. In other words, if you don’t like beets and you have a coupon, why buy the beets if you won’t eat them? Check the price of store brands versus a name brand with a coupon. Kroger, for instance, gives Seniors a 10% discount on their store brands so you have to figure the store brand less 10% versus the name brand with the coupon. The calculator on your cell phone can sure come in handy when you’re tired. Sure bets to buy in quantity are dried fruit and beans, detergent and cleaning supplies, paper products, etc. We look over the grocery ads each week and make our shopping list based on what we need, what we want, and what’s on sale, in that order. An item on sale less a coupon is a good deal if you’ll use the item. Sometimes you can combine a store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon for greater savings. Many stores double and triple coupons and some even double up to a dollar (a 75cent coupon is worth $1, etc.).

    The extreme examples you quote are of people in areas that have high competition between grocery stores. Some stores price match with other stores in some areas. Combine the coupons and price matches, plus a coupon for $5 or $10 off a $50 or $100 purchase and you’re starting to rack up big savings.

    Personally, I handle the groceries and my wife handles the paper and toiletries. We both know what’s a good deal on our particular specialty. One of us will cut out the weekly coupons and some from online sources that we need. We each store our coupons in a divided folder, such as a check file. When we make our lists, we first make our primary list and then divide it up by store sales, etc. Then we match coupons with our lists. That way, we are buying what we need to restock or make particular meals, then what we want in the house. When we go to the store we take our file folders with us in case there’s an unadvertised special for which we have a coupon. YOu have to realize we’re spending more time “up front” in preparation but less time in the stores.

    This takes a little work but may save you a lot of money. My advice is to start small. Pick out the coupons for the stuff you buy repeatedly, like milk, juice, canned goods, frozen foods, dairy products, etc., and then if you find you’re saving money you can expand your coupon use. It’s at least worth a try on a small scale. Unless you’re a fanatic you’ll never save like the extreme coupon users but you can save a lot of money. Good luck.

  9. Sandy49 said :

    You need to combine Sunday paper insert coupons with printable ones as well as coupon codes.

    First, cut out the newspaper coupons keeping in mind you may have to substitute your favorite brand like “Cheerios” with something like “Grape Nuts” to take advantage of the coupon. Sometimes people end up liking the substituted product they bought with the coupon better than the original one. Anybody can save 10-20 dollars each trip with this method.

    Then, use those free printable coupons you can get at places like Coupon Mom and Coolsavings where you can pick and choose your favorite products if they are available. You can save another 10-20 dollars doing this every shopping trip, too.

    Also, instead of solely relying on shopping for clothes and other goods at the actual stores, you can use something like Macy’s or JCPenney coupons codes by first visiting the store, writing down the product name and model, and making the purchase online using ythose coupon codes upon checkout. You will hardly ever have to pay full price with this method.

    Of course there are more advanced tips but these should be enough to get you using coupons successfully.

  10. top brands coupons said :

    best way to use online coupons is by putting them on some rare brands which you usually dont find in the stores outside.

  11. Sherril Sonka said :

    WOW! This can be intense! Thank you! 🙂


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