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What is the safest way to thaw frozen pipes ?

When you have frozen pipes, don’t try to thaw it using open flame, propane heaters or a blow torch. These are the wrong ways to thaw a frozen pipe and for there are dangers that comes with these processes. Propane heaters tend to blow up with high level of carbon monoxide exposure, open flame may put your house in fire hazard and blowtorch may cause the pipe to burst with hot water. These methods of thawing frozen pipes are suggested not to be used. Frozen pipes are common to location with very cold climate and a lot of snow. Most of these houses have insulators on their piping to keep them from freezing. Some places their pipes indoors to avoid frozen pipes.

The most convenient way to thaw frozen pipes is to open your water source. If you found out that there is one frozen pipe, it means that there are more pipes frozen. Once you open your water source and even a trickle come out, leave it open to keep he pipes thawed. This is because the water’s temperature will climb above freezing level and will eventually break down frozen pipes.

Once you water sources displays full force of water, it means that your pipes are no longer frozen. You can keep a trickle of water dropping at night to prevent your pipes from freezing again. If there is no water coming out from the source, you may want to find the location of the frozen pipe or you can contact a plumber to do it for you if you are not sure.

Once you found the location of the frozen pipes, you can thaw it using several ways. You can simply insulate it by wrapping a blanket on the frozen area or you can heat it using a blow dryer. If it is cold and wet outside as well, you can just call a plumber, since it can be dangerous to use electricity around wet pipe.

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