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What is the orange liquid running down bricks in the mantle?

We have a non-working fireplace with a mantle painted white in our living room. For the past 2 days we have noticed an orange liquid coming from the bricks and running down the them. It is the strangest thing. It almost looks like orange candle wax. It appears to be coming from the bricks? Has anyone ever experienced this or heard of this?

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2 Responses to “What is the orange liquid running down bricks in the mantle?”

  1. Dan the brick man said:

    all i can come up with is the cold air from the chimney meeting the warm air on the face of the brick and condensing to bring some moisture out of the brick along with years of dirt and grease from the house…

  2. Rebel1 said:

    It may be that the bricks were damp due to condensation and the fasteners behind the brick have rusted and this must has brought the rust to the surface of the brick that may be what you are seeing.


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