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What is the best way to get my new sod to grow?

I’m about to lay 50 pallets of new sod. I know I should keep all of it watered. Should I also fertilize it? If so, when is the best time, and what is the best kind?

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3 Responses to “What is the best way to get my new sod to grow?”

  1. Kate said :

    It is key to make sure the area you are going to lay the sod is as level / even as possible. You don’t want any dips where the sod will bunch. Also 2-3 inches of fresh, loose topsoil is good for giving the sod a start for rooting. I usually walk or tamp the sod in after it is layed. You want to make sure the sod stays evenly watered (especially the first 2-3 weeks). You can mix some starter fertilizer (for seeding and sod it will say on the bag) in the top layer of soil. After the first time you mow then start fertilizing with a great lawn food according to the directions.

  2. Chris said :

    First use some starter fertilizer before you install the sod.
    Second when you are finished installing the sod soak it until you see water puddling. It will disepate within an hour. Then keep it watered for about a week if it is hot where you live this involves a lot of watering. But if it’s cool it won’t be so hard. After a week try to pull up the sod with your hand lightly it should feel like the roots have set into the dirt underneath. If it has not there is a problem. But I have never come across that problem if you just take care of the initial phases I explained to you. Good Luck! New sod sure does look good and is usually easy to maintain over the years.

  3. EB said :

    The other answers are good. In warmer climates, watering is essential. At least once per day, preferably early in the morning with the entire cycle ending about 1 hour after sunrise. That allows the water to get to the roots and then the sun evaporates the water on the blades. Potash is the best fertilizer to use for new sod. It really helps with root development. I would suggest a 0-0-62 percentile. Good luck.


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