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What is the best way to edge using only a shovel?

Flowerbeds especially benefit from not having powered trimmers swinging near them at high RPMs. What is the best way to use a shovel for edging yards and flowerbeds?

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5 Responses to “What is the best way to edge using only a shovel?”

  1. rockstarhooligan said :

    by wearing closed toe shoes

  2. Grasshopper said :

    I can think of ONLY one way to use a shovel to edge….sheesh!

  3. deer hunter said :

    make sure it is a straight edge shovel

  4. mainah said :

    First of all, you want to be sure you purchase a shovel and not a spade. A solid metal one,not tin with a wooden shaft and strongly anchored handle. A spade comes to a curved point at the end and is good for digging for planting, whereas a shovel has a straight flat end and is good for removing and edging. This will give you a consistantly straight line for a nice even tailored look. I would make an outline of where you want your edge to be with a chalk line. Put the edge of the shovel, on the line pointing straight down, and hold handle firmly while pushing down on top of shovel scoop with bottom of your boot. Then cut into the end of that cut and laying your scoop flat to the bed floor push under that cut piece and lift it out. Repeat, following the line you have made until all the edges are cleanly cut and you might want to line the inside of the cut beds with edging stones or bricks, which come in different styles and colors,and some are inexpensive. This would prevent the grass from growing it’s way back in and you have a space between your plantings and the edge of the lawn,so you are able to use your trimmer without worry. Plus it gives a nice finished look to a garden. If you find some inexpensive ones and don’t like the color, just buy a can of weather resistant ,outdoor paint made just for painting such things and spray them to your liking. Or if you have a lot of land, use field stones for a border, for a more natural cottage look.

  5. poopsie said :

    Buy a half moon shovel and do it after it has rained when the ground is soft.


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