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What is the best groundcover to put under roses?

I have roses that are either going to be moved in the fall or I will put a brick border around it and have some sort of groundcover underneath. The area is in the morning sun, afternoon shade.

any suggestions?

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4 Responses to “What is the best groundcover to put under roses?”

  1. Charlie F said :

    It really depens on what ground cover you fancy. I have brown ceder mulch under mine.

  2. Guru of Gardens said :

    If you do go with something other than mulch, stick with grasses vs. a vining ground cover. You don’t want anything that could potentially choke out your roses. Mondo and Liriope varieties all come in different sizes and colors to add depth to your rose bed. These grasses also are very hardy and don’t require a lot in the way of water or fertilizer.

    Best of luck

    Guru of Gardens

  3. flattrack75081 said :

    Keep a few landscape principals in mind.

    Nothing in nature has bricks around the base. The bricks will be the focal point, not the rose.

    Ground cover is usually a very bad idea, especially from an maintenance stand point. Do you really want to spend a lot of time trimming and removing ground cover as it tries to grow up the base of rose bush.

    The best thing under roses is mulch. Use what ever is native, cheap or free in your area. The focal point is the rose, nothing else.

    Make sure you are purchasing roses that will do well in your area. Stay away from Home Depot & Lowe’s due to the fact most of the landscape material purchased is usually not native to the exact area.
    Spend 5 dollars more and get a superior product.

    Now go drink a beer and relax.

  4. marie said :

    this is a awesome website for your question .. i use red mulch around mine but i found this site and it has LOTS of ideas


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