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What is an electric fence ?

An electric fence is a system that uses some type of electric shocks to prevent animals or people from passing over a boundary. These types of fences encourage livestock to remain within a boundary. Electric fences are used in protecting a property from potential intruders to come in, as they would be likely to be electrocuted when the bare wire is triggered. However, most of these fences require a small amount of electricity, enough to scare an animal or person away.

These systems consist of three parts – a power energizer, a rod that leads the electricity in the ground and bare wire. The power energizer draws power from an outlet, but the amperage is usually reduced down. Every now and then, high electrical pulses are sent from the energizer, down to the grounding rod and up to the wire. The amount of electricity used in electric fences range from an annoying tingle to a lethal effect.

For anyone looking for a stronger system, the best thing to do is add more bare wires at different heights. Voltage can be increased if large animals can still cross the boundaries, but small animals don’t require strong electric fences. Lethal levels of electricity are allowed in some places, but require permission before using; such places include military compounds, prisons or utility stations. However, warning signs are required to prevent possible accidental electrocution from these fences.

State or local laws regulate the use of electric fences. Generally, installing an electric fence in a property should only use with sufficient power to be scare, not kill. This “scare” usually involves a sharp shock or a stinging sensation. As such, an animal or person that directly comes into contact with the wire should not be burned, injured or killed. When accidents, injuries or deaths occur because of private electric fences, the owners are held liable.

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