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What is a way to reduce drain or pipe odors?

The cabinet underneath my kitchen sink stinks. And I mean, absolutely reeks. I honestly dread opening the cabinet to throw anything out because of how bad the smell is. I asked my boyfriend repeatedly why it is, and he says it’s been this way ever since he moved in (I moved in with him). I clean my dishes, and I certainly try to keep food out of the sink. I’ve tried things like baking soda and vinegar down the drain, but I’m completely out of ideas. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what perhaps might help?

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2 Responses to “What is a way to reduce drain or pipe odors?”

  1. James said :

    well first i would try cleaning the trap out. that is the u part of the pipe that catches heavy objects such as food and what not. Then i would suggest going to a boat store and getting this stuff that you are suppose to put in a toilet on on a boat that keeps the smell down in the tank. That way when you flush you don’t the smell isn’t that bad. If that doesn’t work if you have a septic tank i would pump that out. gl

  2. Dowlinggram said :

    I don’t think it has anything to do with the drains or plumbing but under the sink cabinet. If it was the drains the smell would be coming from the sink not from under the sink. Perhaps the tenant before you kept a can of grease under there that got spilled and ran down where the pipes come up. If you don’t have pipes coming through the floor then perhaps a mouse or something died under there.

    Regardless you should inform the landlord now so you don’t get blamed when you move out.You could try an open box of soda under there but I really think the landlord needs to get to the root of the problem


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