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What is a sleeping porch ?

A sleeping porch is a screened balcony or deck that includes sleeping furniture used in warm seasons. Depending on your house structure, a sleeping porch can be made in the front or back of your home, whether in ground level or on a higher platform.

The history of sleeping porches date back to over 100 years when people would sleep outside their homes to enjoy the cool air at night without being attacked by insects. In the United States, sleeping porches became popular at the start of the 20th century in the Southern plantations that built large wrap-around porches or “galleries” for sleeping purposes, which played a role in the production of modern sleeping porches.

Doctors recommend people with respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis to sleep on these porches in order to alleviate respiratory or breathing problems.

Modern homes are now being built to accommodate a sleeping porch, while older homes are being renovated to include this kind of sleeping space outside the house. Some people use this porch for eating breakfast or lunch outside to enjoy the early-morning breeze. Screens used today seem invisible, adding a more comfy feel to the screened porch. In addition, a wide range of outdoor furniture can be used to brighten up and keep you comfortable when sleeping on the porch.

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