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What is a rockery ?

A rockery is a landscaping feature that is made by arranging plants and rocks, often in a way, which imitates an alpine or mountainous environment. In the West, rockeries have been famous since at least the 17th century introduced to Europeans from Asia. In China and Japan, the art of making rock gardens is over one thousand years old; some excellent examples of rockeries can be seen in these nations. Installing a rockery is quite easy, although you may need to consult a landscaper who can help you with subtleties of placement and arrangement, which will provide the rockery a more visually striking effect.

As the name rockery implies, the foundation of a rockery is rocks. Normally, a rockery is built on an elevated or uneven region of the garden, to highlight the natural features of the land. When a rockery is built on a level spot, many gardeners like to build the spot up before positioning rocks, to give the rockery contradictory levels, which will create a more visual touch. Typically, several very large stones are used as anchor in a rockery, with smaller stones satisfying the gaps, and very fine gravel or sand for details.

After arranging the rocks, gardeners choose plants. Alpine plants are normally used in rockeries since they are modified to dry conditions and they enjoy sandy, rocky soil. Most alpine plants are also undersized, so while they will thrive and grow, they will not overpower the rocks. Some rockeries also feature little trees and shrubs or bonsai, and water features like pools, fountains, and waterfalls are common in a rockery.

While the idea of a garden of rocks and small plants might seem somewhat bland, a rockery can be stunningly gorgeous when it is properly laid out. The site can highlight local plant and rock species, and it can serve as a place of meditation and relaxation. The small details of a rockery garden force people to come near it and interact with it if they want to value its beauty, making rockery gardens more interesting and interactive than washes of color from splashy, big plants.

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