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What is a home intercom ?

A home intercom is a type of security device that is designed for you to hear or see what’s happening in various areas of your house. People with large houses can benefit from a home intercom as a way to communicate with someone in another floor or room. Regardless of your intention in installing a home intercom, this device can keep your house and family safe.

Home intercoms come in various types, from simple voice-only devices to state-of-the-art video intercoms that can play music throughout the house. A voice-only intercom usually has several units placed in different rooms that are connected to a single main unit, which is usually installed where members of the house usually stay, such as the living room or kitchen. This kind of device allows you to call someone and hear his or her reply regardless of which room you are in, as long as a unit is installed in the room.

Some use their home intercoms as a baby monitor. Since these devices allow you to speak, you can simply turn on the unit in your baby’s room and comfort him or her whenever your baby cries, even if you’re in another room.

Not only can a home intercom keep your home safe from intruders, you can also place a unit in the outside your house to check on your kids while they’re playing in the backyard or to know who’s at the front door before welcoming them in. Some advanced systems also allow you to unlock your front door with just a click from any of the other units.

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